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Enrichment/After School

Partner with DroneYou to offer our innovative and exciting classes to school aged students as an enrichment option in your school’s after school program.

If you’d like to introduce DroneYou to your school, click here to let us know.

Summer Program

Partner with DroneYou to offer our exciting summer skills camp to school aged students in your school’s summer program.

Online Flying Camps coming in the summer of 2020. Click on our Registration tab to join kids from all over the country for a fun and engaging home flying camp.

School Day STEM Addition

Add our exciting and interactive DroneYou program to enhance your school-day STEM classes.

Our original program can be offered to Elementary and Middle School students. All equipment and material is provided.

We offer an introduction to coding class for Middle and High School students. We bring the material and partner with schools to use computer labs for coding projects.

We have developed a curriculum specifically for High School students that will enable them to take a test and become an FAA certified pilot and begin searching for a job within this new field.


Q: Do we have to buy a drone to be in the class?
A: In all of our school programs, DroneYou will provide equipment.
Please Note: For our 2020 online summer flying camps, families will need to order a drone to fly at home. Here are the drones we recommend for online summer camps:

Batteries are very important for extended flying times, so DroneYou encourages buying two or three drones in the event that more batteries are needed, or if a drone breaks and your child needs another.

Q: Is DroneYou safe?
A: Yes, our classes and camps are centered around safety. Although classes are taught indoors, drone flying regulations are taught to the young flyers for outdoor flying safety. All other safety equipment is provided during school classes and camps.

Q: What if my child has never flown a drone before?
A: DroneYou will be the perfect class for your beginner. The most difficult part of drone flying is the beginning and DroneYou has developed an innovative way to make these challenging times fun and engaging. The second most difficult part is learning how to take care of a drone. Many kids crash a drone and it breaks, so they are unable to fly. Our teachers spend time showing the kids how to maintain a healthy drone so they can get many flights out of the machine, and not just one crash and into the trash can.

Q: How will I know my child is learning flying skills in DroneYou class?
A: DroneYou has developed an app for our classes and this enables us to email you updates on how your child is progressing through our mastery-based curriculum.

Q: DroneYou is not at my child’s school...what can I do?
A: If you’d like to introduce DroneYou to your school, click here to let us know.

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